It's never been easier to work in your workout.

70+ Classes

A variety of group classes 7 days per week from 5am – 6:30pm

No Contracts

Pay per class series or drop-in when available.

Free Childcare

We'll watch your little one while you get your workout in.

Workouts for EVERYONE

Whether you’re a beginner who is starting your workout journey, a new mom trying to get back into a fitness routine, or a seasoned athlete looking to switch things up, we have something for you!

We offer over 70 classes with varying difficulty levels to help you get a workout that is rewarding. 

Let's get fit together!

At McClure Fitness we work hard and have fun doing it together. You won’t find treadmills or machines with 27 pulleys and weight stacks. You won’t get lost in a TV counting down the minutes until you can finally leave.

Instead, you’ll have an instructor pushing you to give 100% to every movement. You’ll have others beside you of all fitness levels and everyone is fully immersed in the workout.

Above all, you will walk out stronger than you walked in. That’s how you take back your body.

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